May Day Sports Meeting Held Successfully by Jilin Yingxin Glass Co.,Ltd


【Supplied by Jilin Yingxin Glass Co.,Ltd】In order to enrich employees' amateur cultural life and celebrate International Labor Day once a year, our company held May Day Sports Event on April 30th and May 1st, the employees took part in the games actively, fully showed their abilities. After two days' intense but joyful competition, this sports meeting finally achieved complete success.

At 5:50 on April 30th, the players gathered at the door of the company to take part in the 5000-meter long distance race. Deputy General Manager Pengkai made an important speech:"Thanks for all of you to dedicate yourself for the company and I would like to encourage everyone to use spare time to take exercise." Then after the order of the host, over 100 employees sprinted to the finish line in vigorous strides, showing the sports meeting started officially.In the competition, each person was passionate, chasing each other, thus reflecting great mental outlook of being the first forever of Yingxin Group.

This 5000-meter long distance race was divided into four groups, namely, men's 35 years old (inclusive)the following groups, women's 35 years old (inclusive) the following groups, men's over 35 years old and women's over 35 years old groups. After fierce competitions, Huo Jinxin of Power Department won the first place of men's 35 years old (inclusive)the following groups by 19 minutes and 20 seconds, Wu Jiahuan of Broken Glass Space were the champion of women's 35 years old (inclusive) the following groups by 26 minutes 10 seconds, Liu Xingchang of Power Department were the champion of men's above 35 years old groups by 21 minutes and Jiang Shunai were the champion of women's over 35 years old groups by 24 minutes.  

At 8:20 on May 1st, The exciting tug-of-war competition started, six departments involved in men's teams, namely Maintenance of Power Department,Electrical and Mechanical Ministry of Power Department, Finished Product Section, Melting Section, Security Department,Sales Department; four departments involved in women's teams,namely Finished product section, the restaurant of Enterprise Management Department, Quality Testing of Sales Department, laboratory logistics integrated team. With the order of the host, groups consisting of ten people began to struggle for the final success, the sound of whistle and cheering rised here and subsided there, each competitor did their best and were full of confidence pulling back the rope, reflecting the spirit of "Especially to fight" of Yingxin Group.After one and a half hours of fierce competition,Sales Department won men's championship; the second place was Security Department; the third was Finished Product Section; women's championship was Finished Product Section; the second place was Quality Testing of Sales Department; the third was laboratory logistics integrated team.

At 10:00, table tennis and badminton started on time.the players from different departments fully prepared and wanted to make full use of this platform to show their talents, the scene was quite hot, vigorously smash the ball, wonderfully save the ball, net ball, line pressing ball,etc.caused a round of applause. Finally the champion,the second place and the third place of men's badminton group were Fu Yuhun, Jia Kun,Long Yu; the champion,the second place and the third place of women's badminton group were Zhao Huancai, Chen Xiaoguang, Ge Jiajia. the champion,the second place and the third place of table tennis were Cheng Zhiguang,Liu Zenglin,Yang Shuaijie.

Time flies, once the competition area restored to the quiet as in the past, "brothers and sisters" came back to work for the company, the family, moreover for their own career. They played with all their efforts in the competition guard, and worked hard when in the post, this is our Yingxin People. Yingxin Group relies on "brothers and sisters" tenacious struggle of perseverance, hard work style, unity and progressive spirit to success and glory. "Brothers and sisters", Come on!