National Day Sports Event Held by Benxi Yujing Glass Co.,Ltd

【Supplied by Benxi Yujing Glass Co.,Ltd】To celebrate National Day, enrich employees' cultural life, set up sports health consciousness, increase the core cohesion of the company, it held National Day Sports Event successfully from October 1st to October 3rd in 2015. The items were: the long-distance race(6000 meters), badminton, basketball.

At 8:30 a.m. on October 1st,badminton game was held in the restaurant auditorium. The competition was divided into men badminton singles and women badminton singles . On the track, the players high hit,low block, long buckle short hanging, transfer left and right,  showing a good sport skill and style. Some players had comparable strength, they played fast and resorted to all skills like block, lob, smash to show they are the better one, the competition was intense and exciting; while some players had disparity strength, but they did not give up, still insisted on the last minute.

At 5:50 a.m.on October 2nd, the long-distance race began.The players gathered at  the front door of the company, Deputy General Manager Niu Ke made an important speech. The long-distance race was divided into three groups, namely young men's group (below 40 years old), middle-aged men's group(over 40 years old) and women's group. At 6:00, with a whistle, the players ran away like an arrow, during the competition, every player was full of energy and did their best to win the final success, reflecting that all the staff of Yujing Glass do not abandon, do not give up, try to be the first as in the past.

At 8:30 a.m.on October 2nd, the most exciting basketball match began, the teams that took part in the match were energetic, after the draw, the competition started. in the competition guard, the players were united ,passed, plucked dunked were all wonderful. outside the competition guard, the cheerleaders kept on shouting "fighting!" the sound of whistle and cheering rised here and subsided there, making the match more exciting.

After three days 'fierce competition, National Day Sports Event held by Benxi Yujing Glass, the subordinate company, ended successfully in   in a cheerful atmosphere.