Zhao Xiaojun, Newly Appointed Party Secretary of Siping City Coming to Research on the Company

  【Supplied by the subordinate company,Yingxin Glss Group Co.,Ltd 】On October 31st,Siping Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhao Xiaojun in the accompany of Municipal Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Han Xiu Tao, Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Yan Xu,had a research on our company.Shuangliao City leaders Hou Chuan, Wang Zhongyuan, Han Ruofei, Song Guojun, Wang Baiying, Cheng Zhigao were also accompanied. Chairman and General Manager of Yingxin Group Zhao Shijun, General Manager Li Jianchun,   Deputy General Manager Zhao Xiaorui and other people had showed warm reception.Siping party secretary Zhao Xiaojun had inspected the glass production line and deep processing industrial park and had a detailed understanding of production operation,project construction,etc. Mr.Zhao made a detailed report on the development, innovation and the market prospect of the Group. In this regard, Siping municipal party committee secretary Zhao Xiaojun gives full recognition, and is full of expectations for the future development of deep processing projects in our company and Siping City.