The Meeting of "2015 Annual Work Summary and 2016 Annual Schedule" Held by Party Branch of Yingxin

【Supplied by the headquarter】At 8:30 on February 3rd,2016, the headquarter held the meeting of "2015 Annual Work Summary and 2016 Annual Schedule", the attendees were about 500.

There were five items of the agenda of the meeting, Chairman and General Manager Zhao Shijun made an important speech, he firstly summaried the work in 2015, then arranged the work in 2016. When talking about the work in 2015, he summaried the experience of four aspects: First, have united thoughts and well defined goals; Second, make the leaders and the common staff supervise each other; Third, make the work more standard and implement these standard into action; Fourth, strengthen the management of Logistic Department and increase service awareness. When talking about the work in 2016, he put forward the overall objective: consolidate the basis, upgrade the company, then know about the deficiency, then upgrade again. There are mainly three aspects to do, First, we must understand the situation; Second, we must have clear objectives, forge ahead in unity to achieve the "four innovations", namely: production innovation, operation innovation, management innovation, financing Innovation; Third, have a good work effiency or not, the key is the leaders, and he put forward the "four aspects" requirements to increase the leaders' supervision ability, namely: the first is to strengthen the learning ability; the second is to have clear thinking to focus on more important things; the third is to strengthen the implementation capacity; the fourth is to be pragmatic and take the lead.