The Research on Offline Low-E Project of Shijiazhuang Yujing by Vice Mayor Hao Zhushan On Sept.26th

Supplied by Shijiazhuang Yujing Glass Co.,Ltd of Hebei Yingxin Group】 On September 26th,Hao Zhushan, Deputy Mayor of Shijiazhuang City, was in the company of Jiang Yang,Secretary of Xingtang County Party, Yuan Yongfu, Deputy Magistrate and Standing Commitee of County Party Committee, Zhao Haijun, Deputy Magistrate to visit the production line of offline Low-E glass of the company. Meanwhile, they researched the schedule of the project construction, economic efficiency , the future development planning and so on. The leader Li Longjiang showed offline Low-E coating products to the research group  and made a scene report. Hao Zhushan said that Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government put forward the goal of promoting transformation and achieving a leap in actual strength and building a harmonious society. XingTang County Committee and County Government should take Shijiazhuang Yujing Glass Co.,Ltd as the cornerstone to extend the glass industry chain, accelerate glass deep processing project and promote the construction of glass industrial park.